How to build a real estate empire from scratch

How do you build a dynasty?That’s what I did, and I have some advice for the aspiring real estate tycoon.The idea behind my series is simple.By building a dynasty of real estate assets, you can take advantage of the opportunities of the world and its ever-expanding financial markets.I wanted to show that there is a […] →Read more

New poll shows Obama leads Trump in New Hampshire, Florida, Pennsylvania

NEW HAVEN, Conn.— Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were neck and neck in New England on Tuesday night, according to a new poll by Quinnipiac University.Trump was at 40 percent in the Quinnipic survey, with Clinton at 38 percent and Libertarian Gary Johnson at 8 percent.The poll was conducted among 7,924 likely voters and has […] →Read more

A woman is dead after being shot outside her home in the Toronto suburb of Vaughan

A woman who was shot in the head and killed outside her Toronto home on Sunday night has been identified by police as 37-year-old Marlena Smith, a woman who has lived in Vaughan since 2005.Smith, of Vaughan, Ont., is the mother of four children who lived in the home with her husband and a mother […] →Read more

What’s in the GOP tax bill? An overview

Real estate investors, particularly in the coastal region, have been hoping for a big tax cut.That’s because the Senate bill will add billions of dollars in deductions for homeowners and businesses, as well as a tax credit for individuals who buy their own homes.But the real estate industry has also been hoping the bill would […] →Read more

How Chicago’s top real estate agent says his industry is on the cusp of a golden age

Chicago’s real estate market is on a roll and some big names are taking advantage.Here’s what you need to know:The Chicago real estate industry is a big one, with many of the city’s top names among the top sellers.There are more than 2,300 listings on the Chicago market, up from just over 700 a year […] →Read more

How to get in shape for an expensive trip to Hawaii

The world’s best fitness trainer and a local author have teamed up to offer you the most affordable way to get fit for your next vacation.From a trip to Honolulu to an unforgettable night at a country club in Florida, the book Atlas Real Estate, published by Polygon, will help you discover the best fitness […] →Read more

How to save $3 million with the $100,000 downpayment for a house

New Jersey real estate sales are booming, and many are paying for their properties with down payments, even when the property is on the market.The average home sold in the Garden State last year was worth $1.5 million, according to a report from real estate broker CBRE.That was up 12.5 percent from 2016.New Jersey’s median […] →Read more

When it comes to real estate prices, Zillow says you can find a house anywhere you look: for under $300,000, for $500,000 or even $1 million!

The Zillows Real Estate Exam is one of the biggest real estate exams available online.You can find it in several states, such as Florida, California, Texas, New York, Ohio, and Virginia, which is why Zillowers real estate listings are often so expensive.In fact, the average price for a one-bedroom house in Florida is $3,099, while […] →Read more

Why do you think the estate lawyer is so important?

The estate lawyer may have been an important person in your life, but she or he may also have been a distraction or even a problem.That’s why we think you need to consider who is actually in charge of your estate, and what they should do.“The first rule of estate planning is to know who […] →Read more

How to make money selling your real estate property for less than it is worth

real estate agent,real property,real-estate,agents real estate,agent real-estate source Google Blog title What to expect from your first real estate sales article agent real estate firm,real house,real home source Google news (India). →Read more