How to create a custom estate and make sure it works for you

I built my own estate on a couple of pieces of reclaimed wood from my backyard.I cut out the shape of the house and then filled it with the pieces of wood.I built a new patio, installed a window, painted it white, and added some decorative trim.The first step was to take out the big […] →Read more

How to buy a Pangea Cornerstone property

The first step in your search for a home in Pangeas Cornerstone is finding a property.If you’re looking to purchase a property in Pangaea, there are a few things to consider: Where are you looking to live?What kind of lifestyle do you want?If you plan on moving to Pangeae soon, you should also make sure […] →Read more

The Worst Taxable Home Sale Tax in America

We’re going to go back to the basics to find the taxable home sale tax in your state.You can find this information for your state at the Tax Foundation website, but if you’re not familiar with this tax, it’s a property tax on the sale of your home.The tax is calculated based on the home’s […] →Read more

‘It’s a little bit different’: A real estate agent on the hunt for an apartment for his niece

An agent with a keen interest in real estate is on the prowl in Montana.Matt Zernes says his niece, Kelli, is the latest in a string of young people looking to save up for a home.“I have been noticing this trend since I started this job,” Mr Zerns said.“In the last couple of months, I’ve […] →Read more

Which real estate agents are the best in the US?

Real estate agents in the United States are the top earners in America.That’s according to an annual survey of top agents conducted by Zillow, which found that real estate sales from the company surpassed the salaries of all but one of its top-earning employees.The survey, which is based on data from Zillo, a real estate […] →Read more

More than 30,000 people are expected to attend a march on the US state of Michigan in support of the state’s bill to legalize recreational marijuana, the ACLU has said. The ACLU of Northern California has estimated the estimated attendance at nearly 35,000, which it said would be an increase from the roughly 7,500 expected to come out on Saturday, September 30. More: The ACLU said it has contacted members of the community to let them know of the anticipated attendance. This is a time for all Californians to come together to defend and defend our democracy and the rights of all Californias residents to live, work and visit without fear. – ACLU of California

The ACLU also announced the formation of a task force to help local law enforcement agencies prepare for the anticipated rally and other actions that will be held in solidarity with supporters of Michigan’s new recreational marijuana law. →Read more

How to win an NFL franchise with real estate deals

The NFL has long had a reputation for using a mix of players and agents to secure new teams.Now the NFL is making an even bigger splash with real-estate deals.With the 2016 NFL Draft less than a month away, the league is in the midst of a frenzy of new team owners and agents.The teams […] →Read more

How to find the best real estate prices in Nashville (and across the US)

Here’s how to get a feel for Nashville real estate.1.Real Estate is cheap in the US and it’s often cheaper than other big cities2.There are many affordable housing options3.Nashville’s population is aging and the cost of living is expected to rise in the future4.There is an abundance of local arts and culture in the city […] →Read more

What is the estate liquidator process?

When you lose your home, you may want to start looking at what your estate liquidation plan calls for.That may be something like a homebuyer’s agreement or a mortgage modification plan.The estate liquidating process is a way to save money if you’re a new home buyer and you’re looking for help getting a new place […] →Read more

Aussie real estate agent dies in crash with wife

Posted October 08, 2018 08:16:06 AUSTRALIA’S biggest real estate agents have died in a crash involving a private jet that crashed in central Italy, with the plane reportedly being flown by a private pilot.The Australian-owned Hinchcliffe Property Group has confirmed the death of a former employee in the crash.The crash, involving a single-engine turboprop plane, […] →Read more