How to find out what’s going on in the auction house: The estate sales bible

What is a real estate sale?

You have to look a bit closer than the words on the title of an auction house in an effort to identify who is doing the selling and how they are selling it.

What you should be looking for are the following things: What is the name of the auction?

Is it a real sale?

Are there any guarantees in the contract?

Is the sale being held for a certain period of time?

What is listed in the title?

Is there a list of reserve price?

Are all reserve prices equal?

What are the terms and conditions of the sale?

Is an advance advertised?

What do I need to know about the property?

What will be included in the purchase price?

Will there be any tax?

How much will the sale be?

Will I get a loan?

How will the proceeds be used?

What happens if the buyer does not buy?

How do I buy a property?

Do I need a mortgage?

Does the seller have to have a mortgage, or will I just be responsible for paying it?

Will the buyer or seller have a history of having problems?

If I do not have a property, what is the property’s history?

Do the terms of the contract allow me to buy or sell property on a fixed price basis?

Do you have to be a registered real estate agent?

How can I contact the seller?

Does it have to run for a period of at least 12 months?

Are the sale prices publicised on the website?

Is this a public auction?

Does there have to actually be a public sale?

Will anyone get to see the proceeds of the property sale?

How are the reserve prices calculated?

Will buyers get any tax relief?

Do buyers get a discount on their deposit?

Are they able to get a refund for any debt?

Will you be able to sell the property at the reserve price and get the deposit back?

Does any of this apply to my local property market?

Do we need to check out the websites of all the local property agencies?

What about the websites and property agents of the local councils?

Does everyone have a good idea of what is going on?

Can we trust the information?

Do they have a register?

Are local councils using the internet to contact the property agents to find property sales?

Does this mean the property is being sold?

What does it mean if the agent is not registered?

Does a local council have a website or a website of its own?

Can I see a property sale if I am not a registered property agent?

Can the local council check with the agent to see if they have any outstanding debt or are in breach of their licence?

Can they make an appointment with the property agent if they are not registered to do property sales in their area?

Do agents or agents who have no registration have access to property sales if they go out?

Is anyone else registering?

Is that person also registering?

Can agents go out and try to sell?

Can local councils contact property agents about their properties?

Does anyone else have a contract with a property agent for an auction?

Can property agents go to the auction on behalf of the owner or someone else?

Are agents allowed to make their own bids?

Can a local government or council contact property agencies to arrange for them to make an application?

Is someone else who is not a real property agent making an application to register?

Do properties get advertised in a local newspaper?

Are any real estate agents paid for advertising?

Is advertising on the internet a good way to advertise property sales and not just in local newspapers?

Are people aware of the risks involved with this advertising?

What sort of advice do they need?

What can be done to help protect the interests of the sellers?

Are sales advertised online?

Are real estate sales held at auctions?

Can people see how much the property will sell for if they buy it?

Can real estate agencies take their agents to auctions?

What should I do if a property is not listed in an auction book?

Does someone else have the title to the property or do they own it?

Is a buyer required to have the property listed in a book?

Can someone who has the title be the owner?

Is buying the property legal?

Can an agent sell a property for money?

Do people have to register with the agency to sell property?

Is registering an agent for a property legal or not?

Is registration an agent or agent for property?

Will real estate contracts be registered?

Will property agents be required to pay income tax?

What if the seller refuses to pay tax?

Can you contact the agent about the situation?

What type of advice should I get?

Can anyone who wants to sell a real house get advice from the agent?

What kinds of questions do agents need to ask before they go to an auction or get involved in an auctions?

Are you going to auction?

Do real estate companies have their own sales agents?

How does an agent get information