What to know about the Brooklyn Bridge redevelopment deal

Brooklyn Bridge real estate is one of the biggest deals in Manhattan real estate history.

It’s the largest development project in New York City’s history. 

The deal was approved by the Brooklyn Borough President last year and will bring about a new era of development on the bridge. 

Construction of the $300 million bridge project has begun and will be completed in 2019. 

Here’s what you need to know before you start exploring this massive project. 

When is Brooklyn Bridge? 

Brooklyn Bridge is a three-lane, high-speed, pedestrian-only, elevated bridge that connects Manhattan to Brooklyn. 

What will it look like? 

The bridge will be elevated with new elevated walkways and pedestrian amenities. 

How big will it be? 

There will be some 300,000 people on the Brooklyn side of the bridge when it’s completed. 

Will there be traffic? 


The bridge is designed to be safe for pedestrians and cyclists, with the bridge being the busiest pedestrian-oriented crossing in the country. 

Where can I go? 

You can find a list of restaurants and bars along the bridge’s main path. 

Who is involved? 

All the major construction teams that have built the Brooklyn River Parkway are involved in the project.

A major part of the construction is being led by a consortium led by the city. 

Why did the city get involved?

The bridge project was approved as part of a $1.9 billion project to build and operate the Brooklyn Aqueduct. 

Is there a fee? 


The cost of the project has increased from $200 million to $300 or more. 

Can I live near the Brooklyn bridge? 

This bridge project is not a new bridge.

It has been around since the 1970s and has been in use for decades. 

Does the bridge have an exit ramp? 

If you have an issue with traffic, there will be an exit lane on the south side of both sides of the Brooklyn Parkway. 

I can’t get out of the way. 

Yes, there is an exit off of the south end of the street, but there is also a ramp on the north side. 

You cannot park in the entrance to the bridge, but you can park in either the south or the north entrance. 

Which way is it headed? 

From the north, you can expect a straight line going up and down the bridge with no detours. 

From downtown, you’ll see the Brooklyn waterfront in the distance. 

Do I have to pay a fee for the bridge?

No, there are no fees. 

Are there any parking lots or public facilities? 

A lot of parking lots and public facilities will be located on both sides, but parking will be limited. 

A sign will tell you how many spaces are available for vehicles to park. 

Should I go to the Brooklyn Bridges Museum? 

It’s a bit of a long drive to get there, but the Brooklyn bridges are not very busy. 

It is recommended that you do not come to the bridges if you are traveling with a child. 

Have you heard of a traffic accident or other incident that occurred at the bridge during construction? 

Currently, no. 

In the past, there have been minor traffic accidents on the bridges. 

There have been a few serious incidents on the Queens side of Brooklyn Bridge, but nothing that would cause an immediate threat to anyone. 

Brooklin Bridge will be the first bridge in the world to be constructed on a highway with no other bridges on the east coast, which is a feat that hasn’t been accomplished before. 

This is the first major bridge project in the US that has been completed without any traffic problems. 

While there are plenty of things to do along the Brooklyn-Queens waterfront, we suggest you stop by the New York bridges to see how this project is progressing and see if there is anything you need. 

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