How to save $200 on a home in Idaho (and how to find a realtor)

Boise, ID (AP) There are thousands of homes that look like they’re built to be on the market, but that aren’t.

The average price of a home listed on the National Association of Realtors’ real estate directory is $1.4 million, but many of those homes are not even worth listing on the site.

That’s because a number of states have strict limits on the types of homes a buyer can buy.

In Idaho, you can’t buy a house with a basement or a detached garage or a single-family home with four or more units.

The only exception is for single- family homes with two or more unit units.

Boise, Idaho (AP: Michael D. Murphy)The listing of that house, which was listed for sale on the Boise Realtor website, was a hit.

The listing was featured in the April 15 edition of the Boise Business Journal and featured a photo of the house with the tagline “Real estate, good, affordable and beautiful.”

In the article, the seller describes it as a two-story home with a front yard, a backyard, a swimming pool and a “great location.”

It has two bedrooms and one bathroom, the listing says.

The house is priced at $1,836,000.

The home’s listing agent, Bob Paterakis, says the house is a “really great one.”

He told the Business Journal the house has a three-car garage and has a “very nice exterior,” and that the front yard is “a nice area for walking.”

The listing agent added that the house also has “a great backyard and nice gardens.”

Boise Realtry, an Idaho-based real estate firm that specializes in buying homes in Boise and selling them to investors, said the listing is “an excellent example of how our agents work and how they are passionate about their work.”

The company says it is working with the listing agent to get the house listed on its website and in the Boise News.

Boizs Real Estate, an independent real estate listing agency, says its agents are “always looking for new and unique homes, and this particular listing is a good example of that.”

The Boise Real Estate Association said in a statement that it’s “looking forward to working with Bob Patersakis to bring this listing to the attention of buyers, and we are excited to continue to serve as a leading broker of Boise home buyers.”

The company said it will have a list of other listings on its site soon.

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