Seven springs real estate license granted

Seven springs, Ariz., a resort town in the San Luis Valley of Arizona, is set to become the first of several new resorts coming to the Arizona desert after a federal judge approved the city’s application for a real estate business license.

City officials say they are ready to begin construction on the resort, which would open in 2019.

Seven springs has been a popular resort destination for tourists since the 1950s.

The resort has more than a million visitors a year and has long been a source of revenue for the city.

The city has been working to lure a new resort in recent years, but the city and the resort have not agreed on the price.

The council approved the request on Thursday.

The city’s proposal for a business license includes an agreement with Seven Springs Mountain Resort to allow the city to develop a hotel, restaurant, retail and other businesses in the resort’s existing property.

The council voted 3-2 on the business license Thursday.

It is the second time in the past year that the council approved a resort license, following approval last spring of a new casino.

The casino, which has not yet opened, has a scheduled opening in 2019, with a grand opening scheduled for 2019.