What if the Seattle Seahawks were real?

The Washington Redskins are headed for a season that will be remembered for a couple of things.

First, they are the first team to go winless since 2006.

Second, they have a coach in Jay Gruden who was a player at Ohio State before being hired as a defensive coordinator by the 49ers.

But the most important thing for the team going forward is that they are a real team.

They play for each other, which means that the team is really a team of one.

The Redskins are still in the middle of their rebuilding project.

The team has lost its starting quarterback and two starting receivers, and it has lost several key pieces, including running back Alfred Morris and defensive end Jared Allen.

But this is the Redskins, so it’s going to be okay.

So what are they going to do?

There is no shortage of candidates.

They can move on from their franchise quarterback, Robert Griffin III, who is now in his fifth NFL season.

They also have a slew of free agents, including safety Josh Norman, who had a career year last season and signed a four-year deal worth $75 million with the Atlanta Falcons.

They have lost two key pieces in wide receiver DeSean Jackson and defensive tackle Jason Hatcher, but they have plenty of other talent on the roster.

They still have tight end Jordan Reed, and linebacker Preston Smith has returned to form.

The problem is that none of them are really good.

The Redskins’ defense was solid in 2016, but it was only a .500 record in the regular season.

The offense was awful, and the secondary was a mess, with DeAngelo Hall and Josh Norman both having season-ending injuries.

The defense and offense are both still working to fix issues, but neither has done so yet.

They are on pace to be in the bottom third of the league in scoring and yards allowed.

The most exciting move the Redskins will make is probably the one they need to make: Signing an offensive lineman.

The Seahawks had some big-name free agents this offseason, but none of those guys can play right tackle, a position where the team has struggled to find talent in recent years.

The right tackle spot has been a problem, too, with several veterans playing on the other side of the line.

The Seahawks have been linked to a number of offensive linemen, including left tackle Russell Okung, but he is still recovering from surgery on his broken right wrist.

So it seems unlikely that the Seahawks would sign Okung if they wanted to move on.

But they can try.

The other option is to try and re-sign a quarterback.

The Seattle Seahawks are currently set at quarterback for the next four years.

They could make the move this offseason and hope that the quarterback who becomes their starter in 2020 becomes their franchise QB.

That would be the first time in NFL history that the Seattle Sounders have won consecutive championships, and that could be the case again.

The biggest problem the Seahawks have with their quarterback position is that the franchise is rebuilding.

Kirk Cousins, the franchise quarterback who played under Jay Gramps at Ohio St., is now the coach at Washington.

He has spent the past four years as Gramps’ backup, but Gramps has said that he would prefer Cousins stay with the team.

So, the Seahawks could try to sign Cousins to a long-term deal this offseason if they can get him to agree to a one-year extension.

That is not easy to do, but the team could try.

Washington’s quarterback situation is not a great one, but there is no way that this situation will get much better.

The franchise is still rebuilding, and there is still a long way to go.