A woman is dead after being shot outside her home in the Toronto suburb of Vaughan

A woman who was shot in the head and killed outside her Toronto home on Sunday night has been identified by police as 37-year-old Marlena Smith, a woman who has lived in Vaughan since 2005.

Smith, of Vaughan, Ont., is the mother of four children who lived in the home with her husband and a mother who has worked at the Vaughan International Airport for 25 years, according to police.

Police said Smith was killed by a stray bullet while her four children were inside the home.

Smith’s death was the third fatal shooting in Toronto in just over a week.

Smith lived with her family in the basement of a duplex at 6:30 p.m. on Sunday in the 200 block of Bloor Street West, police said.

The family lived there for about 10 years, but Smith was the mother to four children, police say.

The home is about two blocks from the airport, and there is a parking lot across the street from the home where a vehicle is believed to have been involved in the shooting.

The two victims were identified as a mother of three, age 32, and a father of three who is in his 60s.

Neighbours told CBC News Smith and her family have lived in a dup-lex home for nearly 10 years.

The Toronto Police Service is asking anyone with information to call police at 416-808-4200 or Crime Stoppers anonymously at 416.222.TIPS (8477) is a 24-hour tip line.

You can also text TORONTO (416) 222-TIPS.

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