What the heck is this thing?

The first of the two prototypes we tested looked like a traditional high-end computer, but with a tiny little speaker on top.

This was pretty impressive.

We got the chance to look inside the prototype, and the sound was fantastic.

This is a computer that has more sound and more power than the average laptop, but it doesn’t sound nearly as loud.

The speakers are very low-frequency and very low in volume, so it doesn�t seem like a massive gain in sound quality.

We�ve yet to see a laptop that could compete with it in this area.

This particular prototype is not currently available for purchase, but you can buy one for $1,300 on Amazon.

The second prototype we tested is the company�s newest prototype.

It uses the same design and looks a lot like a laptop, except instead of speakers, it uses an infrared camera to detect when a user is looking at it.

It sounds like the sound of a normal laptop.

The company plans to release the device sometime this summer.