UK real estate agency offers cheaper rental rates for renters

A real estate agent in England is offering a 25 per cent discount on rent for renters of two people in a three-bedroom property in London, according to local media.

The property owner said it was the lowest possible rate he could find in the city, which is expected to be hit by the financial crisis, according a report in the Evening Standard.

The rental rates in the area are in the region of £400 per week, with a 10 per cent deposit.

The two-bedroom apartment is available for rent for a maximum of two weeks and is currently available to rent for £1,300 per week.

The average monthly rent for the area is £4,500.

There are currently a total of 18 people living in the house, which was recently bought by the owner, the Evening Sun reports.

Renters in the UK are also being offered free bus passes from the London Underground, as the crisis worsens.

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