Michigan home sale: Manhattan real-estate sale to pay $1.8 million to owner who was ‘the worst person to ever live there’

MIAMI — The family of a Detroit man who was the worst person ever to live there has been awarded $1,872,000 by a Michigan court to pay for his medical bills, court records show.

The $1 million settlement was reached after two lawsuits were filed against the mansion and the owner in 2016, according to documents filed Tuesday in U.S. District Court in Detroit.

A man named George T. Miller was sued in November 2016 by the family of James F. Buss, who lived in the home at 618 Monroe Ave.

in Detroit in the early 1980s and was one of the last people to live in the mansion, according in court documents.

Miller was accused of being “unsuitable” for his role in a “massive and deadly” fire that ravaged the property in 1984.

Miller pleaded not guilty to the charges, and the case was dismissed.

In December 2017, the family filed another lawsuit, this time against the owner, and in January 2018, the two lawsuits settled out of court, according, according documents.

The new settlement came after Buss’ widow filed a $1 billion wrongful death suit against the estate, according a statement released Tuesday by the estate.

Miller’s family said in a statement that they have been working for more than a decade to secure the funds needed to cover his medical care and for other expenses related to his illness.

“It is with great regret that we must make this announcement that we are ending the litigation with the help of our attorneys,” the statement read.

The estate, which owns several properties, including the Buss family’s house and an apartment in the Bronx, declined to comment.