Deering Estate: Why a New York family wants to sell their home

Deering, N.Y. — The owner of a historic home in a former industrial area wants to turn the property into a family vacation destination for their six children and five grandchildren.

Eric Deering wants to transform the property, which is in Deering Farms, a former mill and industrial building, into a private retreat, which would include a pool, clubhouse, basketball court, tennis courts and a large indoor pool.

“This property is not for sale,” Deering said in an email to The Next Google.

“The estate is in great shape and has not had any major renovations since its first use.

I am building it as a private place where we can live, relax and play the games of life.”

Deering has owned the property since 2009 and said the property is now in need of major renovation, and he has already begun work on the renovation of the surrounding property.

The Deering family is the second generation to own the property.

Their father, Edward Deering Sr., was the first owner of the Deering farmhouse.

He bought the land from the U.S. Forest Service in 1951 for $25,000.

In addition to his farm, Edward Sr. built the Deers’ house on the property in the 1960s.

Edward Deers died in 2011.

He had a son, Joseph, who ran the family farm and also owned the Deer Farm.

The property is located along the shore of the Hudson River in Deersville, New York, and is owned by a partnership of the William and Mary-area real estate brokerage company, Landmark Real Estate.

Landmark’s website says the property was built in 1881 and has a built-in pond and two pools.

Deering says the family is planning to turn it into a community center, with a tennis court, pool, bowling alley, barbecue, gym, indoor volleyball, tennis court and a tennis club.

Deers said he hopes to bring a large number of his family members and friends to live and work at the new home.

“We want to create an intimate environment where everyone can gather,” he said.

“It’s important for us to create this unique environment so that our kids can come visit us at the beach and the kids can visit us here at the farmhouse.”

Deers is asking the public to pitch in to help fund the renovation.

Landmarks is working with the New York City Department of Design and Construction to help with the project, Deers wrote in an interview with The Next Googler.

“Our goal is to provide this historic property a much-needed renovation,” Deers told The Next.

“If you are a homeowner who has a farm, you are thinking about making your home more affordable, more functional, more beautiful.

This is a great opportunity for us and we are excited about the opportunity to bring this historic farm into the modern era.”

Dees plans to open the home in mid-April, and says he plans to install new fixtures and fixtures for the kitchen and bathroom, including a custom wood-burning stove.

The new home will be open to the public starting in August.

Dees’ website states the property includes “a beautiful pool, a beautiful clubhouse, a large outdoor tennis court with a large grass court, basketball courts, basketball nets, a basketball court with baskets and tennis balls and a basketball net.”

The property will also have a tennis and bowling alley.

Deres said the family will also be able to use the home for other recreational activities.

Deere Farms is a 100-acre property that is situated on the banks of the New Jersey River in the Williamstown-Brentwood section of Deersowne, New Jersey.

The farm’s owners purchased the property for $35,000 in 2000 and had plans to expand to the surrounding area.

The estate’s previous owner, the United States Forest Service, decided in 2005 to decommission the land, citing the lack of a long-term plan for the property after years of drought and flooding in the Northeast.

The land was sold to a private owner in 2009.

Deemed to be a historic property, Deere farms was designated a National Historic Landmark in 2010.

Deer said in the email that he was excited to be able work with Landmark and its staff to make this historic site a destination for the community.

Deerenes farm will be home to his family and will be used for other family activities, such as teaching children, working on the farm’s farm tractor and teaching farm animals, he said in his email.

“I am looking forward to bringing our kids to play on the tennis courts here at Deering Farm,” he wrote.

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