How much is your house worth in 2018?

The Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina, is the nation’s largest residential property.

According to the Real Estate Board of Georgia, it sold in February for $3.6 billion.

The mansion is a favorite of presidents and prime ministers.

The median house price in the U.S. is $5,071,000.

The home sits on more than 1,200 acres and was built in 1854.

Its exterior is decorated with stained glass, marble, and mosaics.

The original mansion, built by the Vanderbilt family, was demolished in 1968.

The new home, designed by architect Michael Burroughs, is on the market for $2.6 million.

The house is owned by the American Institute of Architects and has undergone numerous upgrades, including new glass walls, an expanded living space and new finishes.

The renovation has been completed, and the property now has a spa, swimming pool, fitness center, bowling alley, a fitness center and an indoor gym.

The mansion was built for a man named Samuel H. Buckner who lived in Asheville in the early 1900s.

The home was a private residence until it was sold to the American institute in 1971, according to the home’s website.

In 2003, the estate sold to a group of investors who bought it in 2005.

The estate has undergone renovations since that time, and in 2016, the new owners put in a $2 million facelift.

In 2018, the owners put a $4.2 million renovation on the house.

The current owner, David and Lisa Brantley, who bought the house in 2002, told The Associated Press they plan to maintain the renovations.