South Carolina’s first home auction winner says she doesn’t need the state to pay

A woman in South Carolina said Friday she would be willing to pay a third of her $2 million property sale price to settle the state’s first foreclosure auction.

The South Carolina Supreme Court rejected a request by Elizabeth Kline for a stay of the sale of the home in Florence, South Carolina, which she bought in 2007.

The home has been the subject of several foreclosure auctions since the late 1990s, and the Supreme Court on Friday denied a request to postpone the auction pending a settlement.

Kline, whose father owned the home, said she will use $1.2 million of her proceeds from the sale to pay down her debt.

The court, in an order that was not posted online, said Kline “has demonstrated an intent to pay all of the debts that have accrued to her, as well as to obtain a favorable judgment in the future.”

She is the first woman to win a home sale in the United States, according to the Associated Press.

The case is Kline v.

South Carolina.

The Associated Press