What the GOP’s new ‘Trump Doctrine’ means for the GOP and Trump family

The Hill’s Morning Report — President Trump says he’s not running for re-election.

The Hill’s The Fix — Trump tweets about a reporter who asked him about a ‘scandal’ that could cost him re-elected.

Wapo and other outlets are running stories on the White House and the GOP.

Congressional Republicans are moving forward with the plan.

The Senate GOP plan is not yet ready to go to the President’s desk.

House Republicans are also moving forward, according to The Hill.

“As we work to repeal the ACA and provide health care for all Americans, we must ensure that the Senate GOP proposal will protect our members from unnecessary costs and costs that could harm them and their families,” House Speaker Paul Ryan said in a statement on Tuesday.

“As we move forward with our plan to repeal and replace the ACA, we are also working with our Republican colleagues in the Senate to find common ground on this important issue.”

Trump and the Senate have been locked in a public fight over the Senate’s health care bill, which is expected to be voted on next week.

While the Senate health care proposal was a huge win for Trump, Ryan and his Republican colleagues are still working to repeal it and move forward on health care.

Trump has said he would not be re-entering the race, but the GOP could change his mind.

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