CTV’s ‘Project Runway’ winner reveals ‘the real deal’

A CTV reality TV series about a group of aspiring designers has been picked up by the US TV network, which is set to broadcast the show in 2018.

The reality show is the second series of its kind in the US, following a similar series created in 2014.

“Project Runways” follows a group that goes from “curious, scrappy, and driven to succeed” through the challenges of fashion design.

The series, which will air on the CW network, will be the first for CTV, which has previously aired the US version of “The Bachelor”.

The series stars “Project B” model and “Project A” beauty winner, Arianna Huffington, who is also the creator of “Project X”.

It will air exclusively on the network.

“We have been a fan of ‘Project B’ for a long time,” CTV president and CEO Mark Lazarus said in a statement.

“Arianna’s talent and passion and CTV have a natural synergy, and we are excited to have her join the team.”

The series will star Huffington and her co-star, Ashley Smith, and be directed by James Cameron, who was in charge of the original “Project C” reality series.

The two stars were finalists for the reality series, and the judges were announced at a press conference on Monday.

They are also among the cast members of “Cougar Town”.

“Project Running”, the latest addition to CTV Canada, will debut on the Canadian network on April 30.

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