Which Dallas NHL player will win a $100,000 mansion?

DALLAS — Real estate agents are bracing for the possibility that the Dallas Stars might be the first team in league history to win a mansion in their home city.

Dallas is set to host its annual real estate convention at the American Airlines Center on March 24-25.

The event will feature over 30 home-builders, and the first home they will showcase is the $100 million mansion that will be unveiled Friday.

It is expected that the mansion will be on display at the event, which will include a virtual reality exhibit.

The mansion will also include a restaurant.

“It will be a beautiful home, and it will be the biggest one ever,” said Steve Pate, a real estate agent who will be representing the Dallas-based company that is planning the house.

“We’ll be showcasing the best in home design and architecture in Dallas.”

The Dallas Stars, who play their home games at American Airlines Centre, will be joined by some of the league’s most famous home builders, including Joe Girardi, Steve Koonin, Chris Pronger and Rick Rypien.

Pate said the players’ families will be invited to the home and will have the chance to meet the builders.

“The players are going to be invited in and they’re going to have a great time,” he said.

“The whole team is going to want to visit.”

The Stars have previously held their own mansion in Dallas, the $1.2 million mansion they bought in 2009 for $2.3 million.

It was not the most expensive in the league, but it was still one of the priciest.

The team will also be showing off their own home decor and furnishings.

The home includes four bedrooms, two bathrooms and a garage.

It will feature an outdoor kitchen and a full-size fireplace.

Pating said it will take about four hours to build the mansion.

“We’re going with a custom-built house, so we’ll have some custom-made fixtures, we’ll get a custom wall, and we’ll do all the work ourselves,” he explained.

Pates said the team is confident the home will be in good condition.

“This will be perfect for the players, and they will be able to enjoy the view of the Stars logo on the outside of the house,” he added.

“They’ll be able see all the details of the place and they’ll have a nice home experience.”

Pate expects the mansion to sell for about $1 million to $1,000,000.

“There’s a lot of interest in it,” he told ABC News.

“It’s the biggest house they’ve ever seen, and there’s a ton of history behind it.”

Pates also confirmed that the Stars will not be selling the home.

“That will be our plan,” he acknowledged.

“No, we’re not selling the house.”