How to Get to Your Next Airbnb in Maine

If you’re looking to stay in Maine for the long haul, you’re probably going to need to go out of your way.

From the mountains, to the beaches, to a lake, there are hundreds of ways to get to your next Airbnb in the state.

Here are five of our favorite spots to stay when you’re in Maine.


Lake Placid, Maine: Located just off the Maine coast, Lake Placid is a popular spot for travelers looking to get away from the city for the weekend.

The beach is only three hours away and you can walk to the nearby beach or take the ferry, but it’s also one of the easiest places to get a good night’s sleep.

The hotel is right next to the beach, so you can sleep on a comfortable couch and take advantage of the complimentary Wi-Fi at the hotel.

You can also get a room for $25 a night, so there’s no reason not to check out the beach and soak in the sun.


Maine Town, Maine Town is located in the village of Placerville, and it has a great location for a vacation, especially if you’re a fan of the Maine Lobster Festival.

The town offers plenty of great restaurants, museums, and museums, so if you want to eat, go check out some local produce.

Also, there’s a bar at the beach.


White Bear Lakeside, Maine White Bear Lake, located in White Bear, Maine, is a beachfront resort that is a bit different than many other beaches.

The resort offers a wide range of vacation options, and the best part is that it is a private beach, not a public beach.

It’s also close to the White River, so that’s a bonus.

The lake has a boat ramp for kayaking and scuba diving, and there’s also a small boat launch for snorkeling.

The pool is located just outside of town and it’s perfect for swimming.


Piscataway, New York Piscotawaga is a beautiful beachfront town just outside the city of Piscataquis.

There are plenty of places to relax and enjoy the beach when you are in Piscatoque, but Piscottea is probably one of our favorites because of the location.

The area is surrounded by a tidal plain and the beach is a little bit of a mix of sandy and rocky, which gives you a nice amount of privacy.

The only thing you will want to leave your belongings in is a backpack.


Middletown, New Jersey The New Jersey city of Middlestown is located near the Atlantic Ocean, and if you love to surf, there is a perfect spot for you.

The surf is on point, with waves breaking for up to 30 feet, so the beach can be an ideal spot for those who enjoy a little extra oomph.

The park is just a few miles away from town and there are a few parks near the beach for children.

The best part about Middlestown is that you can rent out the entire city to guests who come by.

It can be a great option for people looking to visit for just a weekend, or for people who are looking to rent out their vacation for a whole year.