‘Fantastic news’: Home buyers looking for a new home in Atlantans real estate market

Atlantan home sales are hitting a new high in 2018 with an average price of $1,934 per square foot.

But the city still has a lot of room to grow, and a couple of new buyers are turning their attention to the area.

“This year we’ve seen a huge increase in interest in our city,” said Rachel Mardis, director of real estate at Avondale Estates.

The median price of an Atlantana home has jumped to $1.8 million, which is about $2,000 above the median for all the other U.S. cities examined in the Axios study.

The area has the fifth highest average price for homes of all the cities analyzed in the study.

But it also has the fourth-highest rate of foreclosures, with the median home in the Atlantanas city of 6,700 people selling for just $5,858.