The 10 best homes for millennials in Memphis

The market for millennials is heating up.

And for many, a house just outside of Memphis is the place to be.

Here are our picks for the best millennials’ homes in Memphis.MEMPHIS, Tenn.

(AP)The market for millennial buyers is heating with the recent trend of millennials moving to the suburbs and the trend of flipping.

Here are our top 10 picks for millennials’ suburbs.MESQUITE, La.

(WREG)The trendy, historic town of Mesquite, La., has been transformed by the arrival of millennials and is poised to grow in the future.

Here’s our 10 picks.MESA, Ariz.

(KRG)The beautiful, quiet seaside town of Mesa, Arizes has been a magnet for millennials and they’re making it their home.

Here is our 10 pick for the beautiful, peaceful seaside city of Mesa.WICHITA, Kan.

(KWTV)Wichita is a place where the millennial generation is taking over.

Here, we’ve got the 10 best millennial homes for the city.WISCONSIN, Wis.

(WDTH)WisConsins millennials are the hottest real estate in the country.

Here we’ve picked the 10 most popular homes for those in their 30s and 40s.CALIFORNIA AUSTRALIA New York City has become a hub for millennials.

Here in the Big Apple, we’re highlighting the best millennial-friendly homes for renters and homeowners alike.WEST PALM BEACH, Fla.

(FLORIDA TODAY)The hottest realestate in the West Palm Beach area is in West Palm.

Here for rent, here to buy, here for your kids to live in, here’s what’s in our Top 10.LARGO, Calif.

(KTUL)The West Coast is home to a number of trendy millennial-owned properties, from the newest to the oldest.

Here you can find the hottest properties in Largo.TALLAHASSEE, Fla., (WFLA)Tallahassee has the most millennials in the U.S. at 818, according to a recent survey from CBRE.

Here our picks.TAMPA, Fla.-CALGARY, Alta.

(CBC)The home of the University of Tampa has become an instant success in the millennial housing market.

Here on our Top Ten list, we got our pick of the hottest homes in the area.TORONTO, Ont.

(THE CANADIAN PRESS)The condo market has exploded since the condo boom in Toronto.

Here with our picks are our 10 most affordable condos in the GTA.PITTSBURGH, Pa.

(CBS Pittsburgh)Pittsburgh is home of many millennials, but here are our Top ten picks for millennial homes in Pittsburgh.RICHMOND, Va.

(WSOC)Richmond has become one of the most sought-after millennials-friendly real estate markets.

Here comes our top ten picks.KANSAS CITY, Kan., (APTN)The biggest factor in buying a millennial-priced home in Kansas City is proximity to a metro.

Here at our Top Five picks for where to buy millennials’ housing in Kansas, we also got our picks of the best condos in Kansas.COLUMBIA, Mo.

(Reuters)The millennial-rich suburbs of Kansas City have become a hotbed of millennials.

We’ve got our Top 5 picks for young adults looking for the millennial home.WASHINGTON, D.C. (The Washington Post)We all love the fact that millennials are moving to D.


Herewith our Top 50 Most Millennial-Friendly Homes.