A man claims his home was burglarized by thieves who stole his wife’s $1 million house

A man in Hawaii has filed a lawsuit against his wife for allegedly taking his $1.4 million home, and it could be the only home he’ll ever own.

In the suit filed Tuesday in federal court in Honolulu, Chris O’Brien says his wife, Heather O’Neill, and his brother, Zachary O’Bryan, bought the property in January of 2017 for $1,400,000 and built a new home on the property.

The suit says the couple’s first two years on the estate went smoothly, but by the summer of 2019, they noticed some suspicious activity in the basement.

According to the suit, Heather discovered that her brother had been selling a car he had never used and the two began investigating.

The suit says their investigation revealed that the couple had purchased a $1-million house in the same location and that the house had been burglarizing the past few years.

“It was apparent that the two men were going to steal a lot of money and property,” the suit says.

“The defendants were also suspected of being the ringleaders in a scheme to sell the property to unsuspecting buyers who had never visited the property before.”

According to the lawsuit, the brothers took their wife’s keys and money and left the home to “a group of thieves.”

According to Heather’s suit, Zach had his wife “witness the robbery of the home and then drive off to another location to sell a car they had never had possession of,” and the suit alleges that “Zach then used the car to rob the O’Neills’ home of all of the money and valuables in the house.”

The suit claims that Zach’s car was used in the robbery, but that Heather’s brother and two other men stole the keys from the car and then fled the scene.

According to court documents, the suit seeks $2.9 million in damages and $1 for the loss of future enjoyment of the property, plus attorney’s fees and costs.

The O’Neilns are represented by attorney William Bader.