‘You won’t find a better house’: Florida house sells for $2.5M

When the sun shines and the air is crisp, the sky blue, the house is a gorgeous piece of real estate.

That’s exactly what happens when a Florida couple named Rob and Jill Hulbert decided to move in with their daughter.

But their decision was not to buy the house outright.

Instead, the Hulbetts bought the house with the goal of selling it at a profit.

They are selling the house for $1.5 million, a price that puts the sale price just a little under $1 million.

The house is located in a neighborhood of mansions in Tampa, a town famous for its mansions, mansions of luxury and the wealthy, with a population of 2.5 Million.

For some, it is a little hard to believe.

The Hulbs say the reason they are selling is because of a number of factors, including the mortgage rate.

In fact, the couple has taken out a $1,300 mortgage on the house.

They also believe it is time for people to realize that the value of a home has more to do with the quality of the surrounding land than any one particular house.

So what does a home with a $10 million price tag mean?

Well, it means the Hulsbs are putting down the $1 billion asking price for the house, and it is being sold for $4.95 million.

It is located on a corner lot in the middle of an industrial park, a place that houses a variety of businesses.

It has four bedrooms, three bathrooms and three-and-a-half baths.

The home is situated in a nice, open space.

The lot also includes a large swimming pool.

The main entry to the house has a glass sliding door that opens into the backyard.

The large outdoor deck is covered with trees, a few other trees and a small shrubbery.

A porch has been built into the property and there is a patio built into it.

This property has two bedrooms, a full kitchen and a garage.

There are also two garage doors and a driveway.

The couple says they have no children, and they plan to have no pets in the future.

This is a very unique house, but it also has a lot to offer.

Here’s what you need to know about the Hulints: The home has four rooms and four bathrooms, and has a deck and patio.

The homeowners claim it has a garage that will allow the property to be used as a business, and there are also plans to convert the lot into a community garden.

There is also a swimming pool, tennis courts, a deck, a garden, a driveway and a patio.

It also has landscaping, an outdoor deck, and a porch.

The pool is in a park, and the yard has a small pond and water feature.

There also is a small outdoor play area, and one of the trees in the backyard has a water feature and a water fountain.

The owners say they are looking forward to living in this home, and also have plans for future renovations.

What to know: The Hulsbetts are the first homeowners in the city to own a home in the neighborhood of 2,500 people.

They live in a house on the corner of 2nd and Main streets, which has been described as a “quiet neighborhood.”

They say they will move into the home as soon as they can afford to.

They say the house will be located in an industrial zone that will have a lot of people and jobs, and will also allow for a large variety of activities in the community.

It will be a small community, they say.

It was built in 1949 and is currently listed for $3.2 million.

What you can do: The owner of the house says they are also looking to sell the property, but will not be making any offers yet.

The property is located at 438 S. Main Street in the Tampa area.

It sits at a point just south of the intersection of Main and Lake Sts.