‘It’s a little bit different’: A real estate agent on the hunt for an apartment for his niece

An agent with a keen interest in real estate is on the prowl in Montana.

Matt Zernes says his niece, Kelli, is the latest in a string of young people looking to save up for a home.

“I have been noticing this trend since I started this job,” Mr Zerns said.

“In the last couple of months, I’ve been trying to sell houses to young people and they are coming from all over the country and all over North America.”

They want to be able to move in as soon as possible.

“We have a pretty tight window here to try and sell a house, and we are trying to do it in the next three to four weeks.”

Mr Zerners is part of a group of agents working to help young people in his home state of Montana and across North America find a home that they can afford.

“The average cost of a home in Montana is around $250,000, so that’s quite a significant amount of money for a young person, especially if they’re going into their first real estate market,” Mr Qerns says.

“There’s a big gap there between what they’re asking and what they can actually afford.”

But while some young people have been selling their homes to the highest bidder, others are simply selling them on.

“A lot of them have got an offer and just want to sell and they’re thinking, ‘I’m not going to give it a second thought’,” Mr Zellers says.”

I’ve been talking to them for a week or so and they just want me to go in and tell them how much I want to buy it.

“In the meantime, his niece is taking up the cause.”

That’s the only way I can afford to stay in Montana, and that’s what I’m really focused on.””

I’m going to be going into the town next week, I’m hoping to find an apartment.”

That’s the only way I can afford to stay in Montana, and that’s what I’m really focused on.

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