Which real estate agents are the best in the US?

Real estate agents in the United States are the top earners in America.

That’s according to an annual survey of top agents conducted by Zillow, which found that real estate sales from the company surpassed the salaries of all but one of its top-earning employees.

The survey, which is based on data from Zillo, a real estate software company, found that agent salaries in the state of Washington, Oregon and California topped $1 million per year.

Zillotec found that agents in these states earned nearly $7,000 per month.

The median agent salary in the five states was $1,056, and agents in California, Oregon, New York and Texas earned nearly twice that.

The report also found that the median sales price of an agent’s home in Washington, for example, is $3,600, while it’s $2,400 in Oregon and $1.40 in California.

“Our findings suggest that agents are earning more than the median U.S. household income, even after adjusting for inflation, which suggests that agents can be making more than they should be,” Zillows CEO Robert Wolski said in a statement.

“The real estate market is challenging, but the best way to increase your career prospects and financial security is to take a look at the job market.”

A spokesperson for Zilloz said the company was “extremely happy” with the survey results and that Zillobers agent salaries were “well above the average salaries for agents.”

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