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  • Real estate investment fund’s CEO wants to put $1.5M in the state budget

    Real estate investing fund CEO Mike Johnson wants to use the money he earns to fund statewide education, which he calls a “bargain” in a speech to the Arizona Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday.Johnson said the state needs more education for its young people, and he wants to invest in education in the same way […]

  • How to build your own home in 2019

    What you need to know about buying a house, selling a house and buying a condo.The most common questions you’ll have after a sale:What is the selling price?How much is the property?How much will the home be worth?Will the buyer get any discounts or special offers?And how long will the house last?

  • Which are the properties in Brooklyn real estate?

    Real estate meaning, real estate at will and estate at home are three words that often come to mind when you think of the Brooklyn neighborhood where the real estate boom started.The area, home to an estimated 1.2 million people, is home to several iconic buildings, including the iconic Bowery Hotel, the Plaza Hotel and […]

  • Why Houston-area home sales are down, but the demand for them is rising

    The demand for homes is down.The demand is up.But the demand is growing.That’s the takeaway from a study released Tuesday by Harris Interactive, the firm that conducted the research.That finding has prompted some to say it’s time to start paying more attention to home sales in the Houston area.The Harris study found that the median […]

  • How to make an honest appraisal without being dishonest

    How to: Estimate the market value of an apartment in your community without being too shady.article How To: Determine the fair market value for a property without getting too fancy.article How To: Find out if the price is fair without being greedy. article

  • How to be a millionaire on the cheap

    Boise, Idaho — You’ve been told time and again to save up for your future, and you’re probably in the process of doing so.But the only way to do it is to invest the money in real estate.We talked to a local real estate agent about his process and advice for homeowners.

  • Why are some real estate brokers offering more commissions than others?

    As more and more properties in the US are being marketed through brokers, more and different types of agents are offering different commissions, some of which could help you save money.While the difference in commission amounts can vary widely depending on the agent’s work, you can find a real estate broker offering different commission rates […]

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