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  • How to save $3 million with the $100,000 downpayment for a house

    New Jersey real estate sales are booming, and many are paying for their properties with down payments, even when the property is on the market.The average home sold in the Garden State last year was worth $1.5 million, according to a report from real estate broker CBRE.That was up 12.5 percent from 2016.New Jersey’s median […]

  • The future of the cj real-estate market is in your hands

    A few years ago, the global real estate market was in free fall.Real estate was in a bear market, with prices falling by more than a quarter in three years.But since then, the markets have rebounded strongly.What is happening to the market?And what should you do if you’re a buyer?That’s the question asked by Simon […]

  • How to buy a house in Sedona, Arizona

    When I first got here in the fall of 2011, Sedona was a sleepy city in the heart of Arizona.My wife and I were planning to move into our new house in late August.When we started planning, I knew that we’d have to make some sacrifices to get the deal done.I wanted to have a […]

  • What’s the most expensive property in Kauai? – Landlord

    Real estate in Kaua’i is among the most affordable in the world, but it’s worth keeping in mind the high rent.Here’s the rundown on the city’s most expensive properties, and the median price for a typical rental unit in the city.Kaua’u Real Estate website: (Updated January 6, 2019)Landlord’s affidavit: http:/ (Updated December 31, 2018)Landlords […]

  • How to save on your home’s property tax bill?

    With its high prices and high property taxes, it can be hard to see how a home owner can afford to pay the estate tax they owe.While the government offers an offsetting deduction, it is a very generous one.And it doesn’t come cheap.For instance, a house with an assessed value of $200,000 can be worth […]

  • How to deal with an estate agent who refuses to sell your house to you

    A lot of people think they are being taken advantage of by estate agents and that you need to get a mortgage and a down payment in order to sell the property.But what if you are in a difficult financial situation and you don’t have the means to do so?Here are some tips to help […]

  • How to become a real estate attorney in Colorado

    The Colorado Real Estate School is a leading real estate law school with an emphasis on law practice.The Colorado School of Law offers more than 400 full- and part-time law schools nationwide.The law school also offers two graduate-level law schools.The law school provides an excellent option for students looking to advance in their careers and […]

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