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  • What to know about Florida’s ‘Florida Purchase’ laws

    The US is one of the last states in the world to require that homebuyers get a mortgage insurance policy.But Florida has made it harder to get a home loan.Here are the key points: The Florida Purchase law states that home buyers can’t get a loan if they don’t have a mortgage Insurance companies can […]

  • Cedar Lake Estate Tax Increase Could Mean Big Change For Many Residents

    Cedar Lake, Minnesota – The Cedar Lake-area estate tax is set to increase by nearly $1 million this year and could mean a big change for many residents.According to the Tax Department, the county will be seeing an increase of $1,700 per year.“That is a significant increase and it will affect our tax base and […]

  • What the GOP needs to do to stop Trump

    The Republicans can’t stop Trump.They can’t keep him out of the White House.But the party needs to change.Republicans should have a real conversation about what the party is for, what we want to accomplish, and what we think the right approach is.Republicans need to understand that their primary focus is to stop the Trump presidency, […]

  • How to buy real estate in Vancouver in 2017

    The real estate market in Vancouver has been in freefall for years.But thanks to a string of record-setting house price rises, the market is starting to regain momentum.What you need to know about the city’s booming real estate sector article Real estate in the city is a big business, accounting for about 10 per cent […]

  • How to Buy Your Own Home – Real Estate Agent

    Real Estate Agents are the ones that will sell your house for you, if you’re not ready to buy.They will offer you a great deal on your house and then they will help you build your dream home.You’ll find it easy to make an offer if you have no idea what you want, but the […]

  • Which Phoenix-area house market is safe?

    It’s been a rough year for real estate in Phoenix.From the fire that destroyed two buildings in the heart of downtown to the collapse of a $100 million condominium tower that killed dozens of people and cost the city billions, the Phoenix housing market has been rocked by many of the same problems that have […]

  • When Real Estate Signs Get a Makeover, It’s Time to Invest

    Posted October 13, 2018 08:14:23While real estate is often considered a risky investment, the average annual return for new listings is nearly double that of traditional real estate.Real estate investment experts are taking notice of these recent trends and are looking for ways to boost the returns on these new listings, and possibly even take […]

  • When Scottish Real Estate Taxes Are Cut by 25%, What’s Left?

    When Scottish real estate taxes are cut by 25% (and there are many more), the amount of property tax relief available to the wealthy will be very limited.The Government has just announced that it will cut the maximum relief to the super rich from £10,000 per person to £4,000, and there are only so many […]

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