How to pay your mortgage

The mortgage interest rate is a big factor in deciding whether or not you’ll need to pay off your mortgage.You’ll need a mortgage broker to set it and, at the very least, you’ll want to get a loan-to-value ratio of less than 2.5 per cent.If your mortgage is less than that, the lender will be […] →Read more

How to find real estate brokers that offer a good deal

A real estate agent who sells online can often be the best deal online, says a new report.It comes from online broker and offers advice to home buyers on finding a real estate broker who offers a good price.“For the most part, real estate is an online marketplace,” says Kite CEO and co-founder David […] →Read more

When the world wants you, real estate mogul Mike Rowe can still afford to buy the NFL’s Rams

Mike Rowe has become a major celebrity in the sports world, and his $2.8 billion bid to buy a New Orleans Saints team that would have had the team in its own city has become the subject of an FBI investigation.But the deal was all but dead when a federal judge last week ruled that […] →Read more

How the US government was able to keep Americans at the mercy of its biggest asset, a ‘big’ bank

From the New York Times: The U.S. government’s own internal accounting system has become a major stumbling block in its efforts to fight terrorism.Its systems are often too complicated and cumbersome to be useful in the fight against violent extremists.So it’s taken an increasingly sophisticated system designed to automate and automate, or automate and make […] →Read more

Which properties have the highest price increases since the peak?

Here’s a list of the 10 properties with the highest annual price increases in the last year, according to data compiled by real estate data company Aviva.Aviva’s database includes prices from January 1 to March 31.We’ve sorted the properties by market capitalisation (market capitalisation divided by total market capitalization), as well as the percentage increase.The […] →Read more

What to expect from the preseason game between the Dallas Cowboys and Atlanta Falcons

The NFL is finally starting to feel like a legitimate preseason.The preseason is just a few days away, but that doesn’t mean we won’t see some exciting moments and players that we have been waiting for.Here are some highlights from this week’s preseason action: The Cowboys have been making an impression on everyone with their […] →Read more

‘We don’t know’ when it comes to the fate of heritage estates

The government is struggling to answer questions about the fate and future of heritage properties in England, after a survey revealed the majority of people don’t understand how they will be affected by Brexit.The government said the survey was aimed at helping inform public debate about the impact of Brexit on England’s heritage assets and […] →Read more

The 10 best homes for millennials in Memphis

The market for millennials is heating up.And for many, a house just outside of Memphis is the place to be.Here are our picks for the best millennials’ homes in Memphis.MEMPHIS, Tenn.(AP)The market for millennial buyers is heating with the recent trend of millennials moving to the suburbs and the trend of flipping.Here are our top […] →Read more

What’s in store for the wine industry?

WOLFER ESTATES, NEW HAMPSHIRE – JANUARY 04: An aerial view of the Wolffer Estate vineyard, located in the area of Wolffer House, in Woburn, Massachusetts, on January 4, 2019.This vineyard is one of two estates owned by Wilfrid Wolff Estate that have been awarded a five-year extension by the Winegrowers Union to continue growing grapes, […] →Read more

‘Fatal mistake’: US real estate exam ‘could lead to a life sentence’

Posted October 08, 2018 07:18:17 When it comes to the exam, it’s hard to find a better way to make money than to go to work for the exam agency.It’s been estimated that the average real estate investor spends about $2.8 million a year on the process.But for those of us who don’t have to […] →Read more