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  • Trump: ‘It’s not like we’re not going to do this again’

    President Donald Trump said Sunday that he is not concerned about the possibility of Congress repealing the Affordable Care Act, despite reports that the GOP is preparing a major repeal effort.Trump on ABC’s “This Week” said that the House and Senate have a chance to pass a replacement legislation and that he believes they will, […]

  • Which properties have the highest price increases since the peak?

    Here’s a list of the 10 properties with the highest annual price increases in the last year, according to data compiled by real estate data company Aviva.Aviva’s database includes prices from January 1 to March 31.We’ve sorted the properties by market capitalisation (market capitalisation divided by total market capitalization), as well as the percentage increase.The […]

  • The 10 best homes for millennials in Memphis

    The market for millennials is heating up.And for many, a house just outside of Memphis is the place to be.Here are our picks for the best millennials’ homes in Memphis.MEMPHIS, Tenn.(AP)The market for millennial buyers is heating with the recent trend of millennials moving to the suburbs and the trend of flipping.Here are our top […]

  • How to sell a biltier mansion for $500 million with a real estate investment blog

    Real estate investment blogs are full of ideas that work, and they’re often worth the money you spend.One popular tip is to build an investment portfolio with a mix of high- and low-yield investments.While it’s easy to just take the most risk-free, low-cost investments, it’s not always wise to make those investments a priority.Investing with […]

  • How to make the best out of the real estate market

    It’s been a rough year for real estate investors, with many flocking to the stock market and the dollar losing its purchasing power as the world braces for the Federal Reserve’s next policy shift.Here are six ways to get the most out of a market that’s still recovering from the Great Recession and a potential […]

  • How to build a ‘totally legit’ Airbnb in the ‘Real’ United States

    The real estate industry is going crazy with demand for the “airbnb of the future,” with thousands of listings flooding the site in the United States, as the government and hotel industry alike try to figure out how to regulate it.The government’s regulatory crackdowns on online hosts have been the biggest hurdle to the nascent […]

  • What you need to know about the Australian housing market

    When it comes to house prices, Australia has a problem.The country has an average price of $2,879,723 per square foot, according to the latest data from CoreLogic, but that’s nowhere near the US$2,988,000 per square-foot that the US has a decade ago.That’s partly because Australia is an island nation and partly because the economy is […]

  • Why I love this new restaurant

    You’ve never heard of a “dairy-free” restaurant, but the concept has definitely found its way into American life.But, what exactly is a dairy-free restaurant?And is it a vegan restaurant?The short answer is yes and no.I’ve always liked dairy-Free dining.It has a lot of good ideas, like the use of organic milk and raw milk, and […]

  • What you need to know about the Steering Group’s realtor-to-sell contract

    A real estate contract is a contract that allows you to sell or rent a property to someone else.It’s like a lease or rental agreement.It usually requires you to show that you have the financial means to pay the person who owns the property, but not the full amount of rent or mortgage payments that […]

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